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April 10, 2019

Spring is Here! April 2019 Newsletter


April 10, 2019

Neighborhood Profile: Shoreline

Shoreline is a sustainable, family-friendly, and exciting city in which to plant roots

Of Seattle’s many neighborhoods, the community of Shoreline always stands out. Homeowners in Shoreline reside in top-of-the-line real estate, as Shoreline is located just nine miles north of downtown Seattle and situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. In addition, the area is filled with many charming qualities that attract residents from near and far.

Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Galore

Staying active is important to many residents of Shoreline. In this community, there are a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation options. From biking, hiking, exploring trails, playing baseball, ice skating, walking along Richmond Beach, and practicing yoga, there’s always something to keep you moving in Shoreline.

Additionally, the Shoreline community is filled with public parks, making it easy to hop outside to simply enjoy nature or get active in the green space. Your furry friends will appreciate the vast amount of park space too, as many areas are dog-friendly and offer off-leash zones.

Sustainable Surroundings

The city of Shoreline is passionate about maintaining a sustainable community. Here, residents work together to preserve the lush green space and tree-lined streets by following an environmental sustainability strategy. For over a decade, Shoreline has committed to sustainable practices including business partnerships, green parking lots, waste and carbon reduction efforts, and developed public transportation systems. If residing and contributing to an environmentally-conscious community is something that you want to be a part of, be sure to consider the community of Shoreline.

Events for Every Occasion

Shoreline residents value community involvement both for sustainable practices and entertainment options. The shoreline neighborhood comes together to support a monthly calendar of events, filled with fun options for a couple’s night out or a day around town with the family.

An event that members of the Shoreline community look forward to every year is National Night Out. On this day, neighbors gather together to celebrate the shoreline community through block parties. This event has become so popular that over 75 block parties took place in Shoreline in 2018.

Excellent Education

The high-end educational facilities and thoughtful academic practices of Shoreline schools create an ideal learning environment for all students in Shoreline. Here, top-tier schools—both public and private—are recognized for their performance levels, helping students from pre-K all the way through community college to succeed.

A House in Shoreline

Homes in Shoreline are unique. The area is full of Northwest contemporary style house, mid-century modern architecture, and modern developments. Plus, waterfront properties and Puget Sound views make up a portion of the real estate.

Another added bonus? Despite Shoreline’s proximity to the city, many of its homes are more affordable than other Seattle-area houses. With just a nine-mile drive to downtown Seattle, Shoreline is a top choice for professionals that commute to the city.

Shoreline is a highly desirable community for homeowners in the Seattle area. Whether you have your heart set on a Shoreline home or you want to continue exploring the community, let’s get in touch. We would be happy to show you all the exciting real estate and everyday activities that the Shoreline community has to offer.
March 20, 2019

Neighborhood Profile: Edmonds

Find out what makes Edmonds a great neighborhood to live in

Seattle’s metropolitan area is filled with exciting and unique neighborhoods. The city of Edmonds is located just fifteen miles north of Seattle in Snohomish County, bordering Puget Sound. This community is filled with natural beauty, luxury homes, and unique neighborhood events, making it a desired location for homebuyers.

The Best Views of the Pacific Northwest

If a picturesque backyard view is at the top of your wish list, Edmonds is the perfect neighborhood to explore. Situated right across from the Olympic Mountains, residents of Edmonds enjoy impeccable sights of the Pacific Northwest from home, at restaurants, and as the backdrop of their daily commutes.

In addition, Edmonds has plenty of space to experience nature. The city has dozens of parks, which cover over 300 acres of public land for residents and visitors to enjoy all year long. And, for the best views of the water, the city spans over five miles of shoreline. Here, four beaches are open for swimming, picnicking, hiking, and so much more. 

Plenty to Do in Your Backyard

As part of Seattle’s metropolitan area, Edmonds offers many exciting things to do throughout the year. Whether you’re entertaining guests, planning a date night out, or searching for a fun weekend activity for your family, there’s plenty to do in Edmonds.

This suburban town is brought to life through its extremely walkable and bikeable downtown area, where retailers and restaurants are located. Edmonds is known for its delicious eateries, which feature both global and local fare. Plus, the Edmonds arts and culture calendaralways has an activity planned that you can add to your weekend agenda.

Professional and Educational Support

Whether you’re just starting a family or are a seasoned business professional, Edmonds has the resources for you to succeed. Edmonds is home to a community college as well as K-12 public and private schools, all of which are highly-ranked. 

Young professionals and retirees alike appreciate the calm ambiance of Edmonds. However, residents also benefit from a quick commute to Seattle. Between the transit center, commuter trains, ferries, and the freeway, there’s always a simple way to get to the big city.

A Home for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for a condominium, apartment, townhouse, or single-family home, there are all types of options in Edmonds. Plus, each home is unique. The area is filled with mid-century modern, historic, and craftsman-style estates.

In Edmonds, neighborhoods are safe, and many errands are just a short walk away. Plus, large yards, waterfront properties, and luxury home-tech amenities create added appeal for houses in the area.

Nature, entertainment, and quality homes make Edmonds a truly captivating city. If this town is already starting to feel like home to you, give us a ring. We’ll work by your side to support your housing desires and find the property of your dreams.
March 8, 2019

Pie and Basketball!

We’ve made it!  After the long and grey winter months spring officially starts on March 20th! The Seattle area starts to get greener and greener, and everyone’s mood starts to improve.  Here are two more things to brighten up your March:


Pi Day;

What started as a fun office event in 1988 at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco has since evolved into a worldwide celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi).  People have come up with all kinds of ways to celebrate: pie bake offs, pi digit memorization competitions, singing happy birthday to Albert Einstein who was also born on March 14th.  However, those who know me would not be surprised to find my favorite way to celebrate would be to consume large amounts of pie. Chances are you will either find me one of three places:  the Pie Bar in Ballard, enjoying their ridiculously delicious Banana Cream Pie with Monkey Nuts, at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Bakery wolfing down Tom’s Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie, or the Snohomish Pie Co. gobbling up their sweet and tart cherry pie.  Regardless of what you do, enjoy the day because less than a week later, the madness begins.



March Madness;

Those of you who religiously follow March Madness already know most of what I am going to say!  For those who aren’t sure what all the craziness is about, March Madness is a men’s collegiate basketball tournament held every year. Beginning on March 19th this year, 68 Division-I college teams battle it out in a single elimination tournament that has been held annually since 1939.  It’s not as high caliber basketball as you would expect in the NBA, and in many cases your alma mater might not even have been selected for the tournament. But it’s worth it because of the non-stop unpredictable basketball.


In professional basketball, teams that are expected to do well usually do well.  Teams like the Golden State Warriors will likely win a large majority of their games and make the playoffs without much fuss.  But as history has shown, even the best teams can have an off not and drop a game to a lesser team. A single loss isn’t a big deal in a seven month season with 80+ games, but in a single elimination tournament you can definitely expect major upsets.  In fact, in 22 of the past 25 years a team seeded in the 2-4 has also fallen in the first round to a lower seeded team! The only thing you can accurately predict from March Madness is that March Madness is unpredictable.


(Pro tip for those who don’t follow March Madness: The Championship game is actually held in beginning of April so if you are only interested in seeing the finals, tune in on Monday April 8th so you’ll be able to participate in the water cooler talk the next morning!)


- Ryan

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March 6, 2019

Buying a Home in Puget Sound: 5 Things to Know

Here are the top things you should consider when buying a home in Seattle

Are you thinking about making the move to the Puget Sound area? Or are you a Pacific Northwest local searching for your next home in the area? Whatever the case may be, there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase your Seattle home. Here, we’ll explore the top five things to know before buying a home in Puget Sound.

1. What About the Weather?

Summers in Puget Sound are extraordinarily beautiful. This area of the Pacific Northwest maintains a warm summer free from humidity. Locals enjoy lounging on the beach, spending time on the water, hiking the area’s many trails, and attending a variety of outdoor festivals and concerts throughout the summer months.

However, you should be prepared for colder seasons, too. During the winter months, Seattle and the surrounding area experience many misty and cloudy days. However, the torrential downpour that people usually associate with Washington is an uncommon occurrence in this section of the state.

2. It’s Full of Unique Neighborhoods

The Puget Sound region is made up of a variety of neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics. Whether you hope to reside in a modern urban estate, a waterfront neighborhood, a charming historic home, or a downtown house with a short commute to work, you’re sure to find something in Puget Sound.

Be sure to browse the popular neighborhoods before determining where you’d like to plant roots. You may even consider taking a day trip or weekend vacation to the area to see how it would really feel to be a local in one of the communities.

3. People Consider it a Hotspot

The Pacific Northwest is a booming area, attracting more and more businesses, residents, and visitors every year. In fact, Seattle’s population has grown faster than any other U.S. city of comparable size in the past decade. 

Progressive, high-tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon make this area a desirable home for business professionals and entrepreneurial minds. Plus, Puget Sound is full of outdoor recreation and trendy shops, eateries, and events that keep residents interested in the area.

4. There’s a Competitive Housing Market

Seeing as Puget Sound is such a desired home location, the housing market has become extremely competitive for buyers in the area. The demand to reside in Seattle is high, so you’ll want to be a savvy buyer. Take steps to set yourself up for housing success, like staying up-to-date with local listings, having your finances in order, and finding the right realtor.

5. Be Sure to Pick the Right Agent for You

Picking the right agent is an ultra-important step in the home buying process--especially in a competitive market like Puget Sound. Be sure to pick a realtor that you trust. Ultimately, you and your agent will be working side-by-side to find the home of your dreams, so you’ll want to be on the same page.

If you’re searching for a home in Puget Sound, let's chat. It would be my pleasure to discuss what qualities you’re looking for in a house so that we can find the perfect home for you and your family.
Feb. 20, 2019

Seattle Outdoors: 5 Great Weekend Activities

Seattle is full of outdoor adventures! Check out these fun ways to get some fresh air.

Outdoor recreation is a huge part of a Seattle lifestyle. Whether you want to hike up a mountain, ski down some slopes, fly through the sky, or float through the water, Seattle has an adventure for everyone. Be sure to check out these fun ways to get outside in Seattle and the surrounding area.

1. Play in Puppy Parks

The Seattle community is full of parks and green spaces, and the majority of recreation spaces can be enjoyed with your furry friend on a leash. However, there are fourteen dog off-leash areas in the Seattle Community! Whether you’re playing catch or want to connect with new friends in the neighborhood, be sure to visit these parks and off-leash areas with your pup.

2. Hike Mount Rainier

Every year, thousands of people hike Mount Rainier. Whether you plan to trek to the summit or day hike throughout the various trails in Mount Rainier National Park, you’ll be impressed by the wildlife of the area. You’re likely to encounter forests, lakes, streams, flowers, and wildlife while you explore the park. Consider checking weather conditions and be sure to apply for a permit if you plan to camp overnight.

3. Hop aboard the Washington State Ferries

The Washington State Ferries are the largest fleet of ferries in the United States. Take off for a ride on the water to simply enjoy the breathtaking views of Washington or to conveniently travel from one local hotspot to the next. Ferries are available from downtown Seattle to many spectacular locations, including Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Port Townsend, and more.

4. Take a Flight with Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air, Seattle’s scenic seaplane service, provides sky-high tours over the Pacific Northwest. Flights have an exciting takeoff and a gentle landing on the water just outside of downtown Seattle. On the flight, you’ll have the best views of the Space Needle, metropolitan Seattle, the University of Washington campus, and many more beautiful sights.

5. Explore Local Farmers Markets

The Seattle community prides itself on its abundance of farmers markets. In fact, most residents have easy access to them within their neighborhoods every week! Be sure to check out the famous Pike Place Market and the variety of neighborhood farmers markets in Seattle for a taste of local produce, wine, baked goods, and more.

Could you imagine having access to all of this natural wonder right in your backyard? If you’re interested in exploring Seattle’s outdoor recreation and real estate, give me a ring. Together we can find the home of your dreams.
Feb. 11, 2019

Take a Trip to These 5 Popular Seattle Farmers Markets

Enjoy fresh produce all year long at these Seattle hotspots.

Seattle is known for many things: the Space Needle, high-tech companies, ultra-luxe real estate, the ocean, and farmers markets. This city prides itself on providing sustainable products all year long. Residents of the area flock to these markets to stock up on fresh, local produce, flowers, and so much more. Keep reading to discover some of the top farmers markets in Seattle.

1. Capitol Hill Neighborhood Farmers Market

Baked goods, farm-fresh produce, wine, seafood, quesadillas, and so much more—this is what you can expect to find at the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Farmers Market. Whether you’re indulging in a special treat or stocking up on your weekly grocery items, there’s something for everyone at the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Farmers Market.

When: Sundays, year-round, 11 am to 3 pm
Where: Broadway Avenue East and East Pine Street

2. Ballard Farmers Market

Founded in 1990, the Ballard Farmers Market was the first established neighborhood farmers market in Seattle. Rain or shine, this market strives to connect community members through activities and quality foods every week.

When: Sundays, year-round, 10 am to 3 pm
Where: 22nd Avenue Northwest and Northwest Market Street

3. Magnolia Neighborhood Farmers Market

The Magnolia Neighborhood Farmers Market is a seasonal market. Open only from June until November, the farmers market in Magnolia is the perfect place to be during the warm summer and early fall months. Known for their unique market finds and freshly-cooked lunches, the Magnolia Neighborhood Farmers Market attracts both locals and visitors. 

When: Saturdays, June 1 through November 16, 10 am to 2 pm
Where: 33rd Avenue West and West McGraw Street in the Magnolia Village

4. Queen Anne Farmers Market

The Queen Anne Farmers Market prides itself on being Seattle’s only independent, community-run farmers market. They live out their mission of “building community, supporting farmers, and championing local” every week of summer and fall. Whether you’re searching for broccoli florets or fresh strawberries—or if you’d like to get involved as a farmers market volunteer—be sure to stop by the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

When: Thursdays, May 30 to October 10, 3 pm until 7 pm
Where: West Crockett Street and Queen Anne Ave

5. Pike Place Farmers Market

The Pike Place Farmers Market is a must for locals and visitors alike. This vibrant market is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Fresh fish, blooming flowers, and local honey are staples of the Pike Place Farmers Market. 

In addition to picking up delicious, community-derived produce and goodies at the market, you’ll also help to support the sustainability of the area. Farmland preservation is made a priority through Pike Place Market’s partnership with the City of Seattle and King County, so farmers markets can continue to thrive in the area for years to come. 

When: Saturdays, June to November, 9 am until 5 pm
Where: Pike Place and Pine Street

If you’re interested in making trips to the farmers market a weekend tradition in your household, reach out. It would be my pleasure to assist with your home purchase journey in the Seattle area.
Feb. 7, 2019

Seattle Real Estate: Growth or Dip?

Let’s take a look at the recent Seattle real estate trends.

Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home or considering a move out of your current property, it’s important to consider the market insights of your neighborhood and region. Here, we’ll dive into the projected real estate trends for 2019 in Seattle and the surrounding area.

Seattle Housing Market Highlights

Let’s take a look at Seattle’s housing trends. One way to understand market growth versus downfall is by comparing this year’s data to past information. Here, the Northwest Multiple Listing Services provided a snapshot of trends comparing Seattle’s housing market in December 2018 and December 2017.

According to the local MLS, the median closing price for residential homes is up 4% and the closing price has shot up 5.5% for new construction properties. These numbers suggest that Seattle’s real estate market could be headed toward positive growth in 2019.

Real Estate Predictions for Seattle in 2019

The trend toward growth—or at least stability—in Seattle real estate is supported by many. In fact, based on Zillow’s data, Seattle properties are forecasted to increase 0.7% in home value over the course of the year. Although this number may not indicate drastic change, it does support the direction of general improvement for homes in Seattle and the surrounding communities.

Is the Housing Market Cooling?

Throughout the country, the housing market witnessed growth in 2018. Therefore, we could begin to see the national market cool off in 2019. In fact, some real estate regions of the United States are already taking hit to their housing markets. Nevertheless, Seattle is a real estate hotspot, and homes are projected to sustain value during this period. However, the potential for softened growth in Seattle could occur throughout the year, but a major cool off in the housing market is not yet predicted.

How to Find the Best Home Value

Whether the housing market is heating up or cooling off, it’s important to look for the best value. Buyers and sellers alike can take a methodological approach to home sales, and their realtor can help them navigate the ever-changing trends of real estate.

It’s important to remember that real estate forecasts can change throughout the year, and every neighborhood and home is unique. However, analyzing real estate trends allows us to make informed decisions about home sales and purchases. If you’re ready to buy or sell in the Seattle area, please reach out. It would be my pleasure to discuss your home plan with you. 
Feb. 6, 2019

Buying in Seattle? Explore These 4 Neighborhoods

Seattle is full of luxurious and unique neighborhoods. Check out these four.

There’s much to love about Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is full of vibrant culture, gorgeous natural landscapes, and luxurious real estate. Here, we dive into what sets these four coveted Seattle communities apart. Whether you’re searching for a high-tech, modern property or a quaint and connected neighborhood to move into, there’s a home for everyone in the Seattle area.

1. Ballard

Ballard is a trendy neighborhood in northwestern Seattle. This area is filled with walkable streets, entertainment hubs, and waterfront properties, making Ballard a real estate hotspot. Due to increased interest in the area, the Ballard community is thriving. Weekends are filled with farmer’s markets outings, nights at local breweries, and strolls through neighborhood parks.

The Ballard community was established with Scandinavian roots. To this day, Scandinavian influence is present through the architecture, design styles, cafes, and special events in the area.

2. North Seattle

North Seattle is a calm and close-knit community situated above the city center. Here, residents enjoy the serenity of a suburban atmosphere while still being just a drive away from downtown Seattle. Everyone—from foodies to families—enjoys living in North Seattle, as the area is filled with everything from hip restaurants to trendy boutiques, top hospitals to sought-after employers.

A variety of home types can be found in North Seattle. Luxury mansions, northwest contemporary homes, mid-century modern estates, and upscale single-family homes are all available. 

3. Shoreline

The community of Shoreline is situated on the northern border of Seattle. The proximity of Shoreline to downtown Seattle allows residents short work commutes and provides easy access to downtown entertainment and eateries. 

In addition, this community is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, so many homes boast breathtaking views, and homeowners have quick access to the area’s treasured nature centers. Shoreline is known for its safe streets, high-achieving schools, and an abundance of green spaces.

4. Lynnwood

Part of the Seattle metropolitan area, Lynnwood is a beautiful residential neighborhood near the city. Lynnwood residents enjoy a safe and quaint lifestyle outside of the commotion. However, the area is still a center for business, retailers, and eateries, creating the ideal combination of calm and cool.

Lynnwood is a highly sought-after neighborhood to reside in, as the community is filled with nearly 350 acres of green space and 20 community parks. Lynnwood residents also have year-round access to mountains, ferries, art displays, and hiking paths.

Seattle is home to a variety of unique communities. Whether you’re hoping to move into a modern downtown residence, a home located in a historic district, a house in a trendy up-and-coming area, or an estate in a calm suburb, please reach out. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to all that Seattle has to offer so that we can pair you with the home of your dreams.
Feb. 1, 2019

Introducing Concierge Real Estate Seattle

We are proud to introduce the formation of the new Concierge Real Estate Seattle team at Compass! Founding members include Amy Titus, Joe Sheldon, and Ryan McGhie. The new team combines several years, and hundreds of transactions, to bring the best service possible to our clients.

After several years of working together previously at a discount brokerage, the team found ourselves wanting to offer more to our clients. Joe Sheldon originally joined Compass in July 2018, starting down a new path in his career. Several months later, Amy and Ryan began to pursue other options, ultimately landing at Compass as well, in January 2019. Having already formed strong friendships and similar working styles made the transition into a team seamless.

Our clients benefit from our tremendous experience, resources, and vast network of industry professionals. But our vision goes beyond the real estate transaction. We decided on the Concierge name after narrowing down dozens of options, and realizing that it really fits perfectly with our mission. Our long term plans include developing a network of resources for our clients’ entire home ownership experience. As we develop our concierge services throughout 2019, our clients will begin to enjoy the benefits of our network, from discount cleaning services, to sourcing contractors for remodels or repairs. Our clients are an extension of our family - a theme that will become very apparent as we grow.

Being paired with Compass also allows us to provide the best real estate technology in the business to our clients, as well as numerous support options not available anywhere else. The Compass Concierge program helps our sellers with the upfront costs of preparing their home for sale, while the future Bridge Loan program will help our clients finance their transition from their existing home into their new home in a tough market. Our network of 8000+ Compass agents nationwide also allows us to ensure a premium service for our relocating clients. Through networking events we have built a preliminary list of 20+ Compass agents who have been vetted, in person, by our team. These agents are located in the top markets across the United States.

Keep an eye on our blog as we grow. We will be featuring neighborhood profiles, market updates, local recommendations and experiences, and so much more! Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram under our team profile: conciergeREseattle. We’re looking forward to a successful future with you!


Amy, Joe, and Ryan

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